Microbiology laboratory

Microbiology laboratory

Contact person: Teja Lavrin


During work in the time of COVID-19 restrictions there is a limit in the number of people that can be present in each laboratory at the same time. Please mark and reserve your time for work in the lab in the google calendar (linked above) even if you do not intend to use laminar flow cabinet.

Procedure for reservation:

  • You received an invitation to edit this calendar via e-mail. If not, please request access from contact person. You can edit this calendar via the link you received in e-mail or alternatively, click on the + sign in the right bottom corner of the calendar.
  • In the Week view; mark the designated term by clicking in cell (holding your mouse button, you can mark the length of your desired term.
  • In the field Add title, write your name; write the equipment you will be using for extended periods. You can also change the time, etc.
  • Click Save.

Important: Wear disposable face mask and gloves in the laboratory.

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