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Laboratory for biomarkers

Laboratory for biomarkers

Available eqiupment

Device administrator and supervisor: assist. dr. Maša Sinreih

MagPix Multiplex Reader (Bio-Rad)

PowerWave Microplate Spectrophotometer (Biotek)

Perkin Elmer GeneAmp PCR System 2400

Eppendorf Centrifuge 5430 R

Device administrator and supervisor: assoc. prof. M. Lenassi

Microscope Axio Imager M2 (Zeiss)


Procedure for reservation:

  • You received an invitation to edit this calendar via e-mail. If not, please request access from laboratory administrator. You can edit this calendar via the link you received in e-mail or alternatively, click on the + sign in the right bottom corner of the calendar.
  • In the Week view; mark the designated term by clicking in cell (holding your mouse button, you can mark the length of your desired term.
  • In the field Add title, write your name; write the equipment you will be using for extended periods. You can also change the time, etc.
  • Click Save.

Important: Wear disposable face mask and gloves in the laboratory.

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