Institute of Biochemistry, MF, Ljubljana

Catalogue of protective equipment/Evidenca zaščitne opreme

List of protective equipment

Reservations of equipment and laboratories at the Institute of Biochemistry

General laboratories IBK

Dark room
Laboratory for biomarkers
Cell culture laboratory
Laboratory for isotopes
Microbiology laboratory
Room with shakers and centrifuges
Cold room

General areas IBK

Kitchen IBK
Library IBK

Laboratory for enzyme research

Laboratories and reservations

Laboratory 5A
Laboratory 4A

Laboratory for extracellular vesicle research

Laboratories and reservations

Laboratory 1

Laboratory for molecular basis of hormone-dependent diseases and biomarkers

Laboratories and reservations

Laboratory 3

Pharmacogenetics laboratory

Laboratories and reservations

Main laboratory
PCR Laboratory 1

Laboratory for translational medical biochemistry

Laboratories and reservations

Laboratory 2

Centre for functional genomics and bio-chips (CFGBC)

Laboratories and reservations

Main laboratory
Microarray laboratory
NGS laboratory
Cell laboratory
Small laboratory
Main office room
Kitchen CFGBC

Medical Centre for Molecular Biology (MCMB)

Laboratories and reservations

Laboratory 4
Laboratory AKTA
Laboratory SNP-PCR
Laboratory LaminarFLow
Laboratory 3 ("Human" lab)
Laboratory Virtual Dark Room
Laboratory Synergy-EpMotion
Kitchen MCMB

Reservations for individual devices are temporarily disabled due to the introduction of new calendars above.

IBK - old calendars


System for preparation of subcellular fractions: shaker, high speed vacum centrifuge
System for protein analisys
Real-time PCR system 7500, with PC tower
QuantStudio 7 Flex Real-Time PCR System
Vacuum SpeedVac Concentrator
HPLC System

Equipment and reservations

Ultracentrifuge Optima MAX-XP (Beckman)
Centrifuge J2-MC (Beckman)
Microscope Axio Imager M2 (Zeiss)

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