Dark Room IBK

Dark room IBK

Available eqiupment

Device administrator and supervisor: prof. dr. A. Bavec

Fluorometer Perkin Elmer

Device administrator and supervisor: Ivana Jovchevska, AleŇ°a Kristan



Important notice: Please pay attention to the new work regime with the device.

Use policies for LAS-4000

  • Safety: The safety and health of users is a priority. Please, use gloves when working with the device LAS-4000 and DO NOT use gloves when working with the attached computer and computer peripherals (mouse, keyboard).
  • DO NOT TURN OFF LAS-4000 and camera cooling and attached computer after you have finished using the device (in short, do not turn off anything, the program, the on/off switches, etc.).
  • The device is turned on in the beggining of the week and left on till Friday. PLEASE, NEVER TURN OFF THE COMPUTER.

General instructions for reservations

  • Please: click the date number on the appropriate date slot on the calendar. Click Create (if necessary). Enter your full name, institution, and type of imaging on LAS-4000 in the Calendar Text window. On the right side enter time of your reservation. To return to calendar, click View Calendar (left, yellow button).
  • To cancel or edit an existing reservation, click the date number on the appropriate time slot on the calendar. You'll be offered an option to edit the reservation. For obvious reasons, you cannot change/cancel a reservation that has already occured.
  • If you fail to appear within the first 10 minutes of your reservation ("no-show"), there is a hefty penalty (you will be contacted by administrator personnel). In addition to the penalty, you forfeit the rest of your reservation. As a courtesy to others, please cancel your reservation as soon as you know it's not going to be used.

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