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Laboratory for molecular basis of hormone-dependent diseases and biomarkers (0381-059)





In November 2018 the 4th European Congress on Endometriosis (EEC 2018) was organized in Vienna, Austria, by the European Endometriosis League (EEL) in close collaboration with the World Endometriosis Society (WES). The main topics of the congress were adenomyosis, aetiology, diagnosis and screening, epidemiology, advances in medical treatment, pain and pain mechanisms, prevention, and stems cells and its relevance to the understanding of endometriosis and uterine fibroids. Our research group attended the congress and presented the recent work on the topics related to endometriosis. Renata Pavlič and Tamara Knific held short oral presentations with the titles »PROGESTINS AFFECT EXPRESSION OF INFLAMMATORY GENES IN A MODEL CELL LINE OF PERITONEAL ENDOMETRIOSIS« and »POTENTIAL OF PLASMA LIPID METABOLITES FOR DIAGNOSIS OF ENDOMETRIOSIS«, respectively. Both topics were also presented at the poster session.