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Meetings of the Institute of Biochemistry, MF, Ljubljana

Meetings of the Institute of Biochemistry

Within the Institute of Biochemistry has been decided to reintroduce the regular meetings where PhD students and researchers would present their work. The aim of the meetings is that all of us become aquainted with the themes and methods which are used. Besides, the problems at your work can be presented, and in discussion with your co-workers solutions can be found fast and easy.

Examples for typical Friday presentations are

  • brief progress reports about the work of a PhD student,
  • report on a project in an advanced stage,
  • presentations of early versions of planned papers.

At the end of your main presentation, you can also briefly present (optional)

  • outlook on planned work in one of our projects,
  • summaries of the top presentations at a recently visited conference,
  • practice talks for upcoming conference presentations or for PhD defense presentations,
  • tutorials on an interesting technology or topic.

Meetings will be held each month ( every last Friday). In case of holidays meetings are shifted to the last but one Friday.

The presentation should last for about 20-30 minutes.

Scheduling of the meetings 2013/2014 (in Slovene)

Scheduling of the previous meetings (in Slovene)

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