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Medical Centre for Molecular Biology (MCMB)

Medical Centre for Molecular Biology (MCMB) was inaugarated in February 1992, at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Ljubljana (UL). It was established by a consortium of institutes of the Faculty of Medicine and some clinical institutes in Ljubljana (see MCMB members), in order to coordinate research and teaching activities in the field of medical molecular biology/genetics among institutes of the Medical Faculty, clinics of the Clinical Centre Ljubljana, and the Insitute of Oncology in Ljubljana. It was (and is still) open to all members for training young researchers either by their integration into the currently running projects of the Centre or by establishing joint research projects that are of partner institutions' intertest. After training in most of the cases researchers return to their home institution, starting its own molecular biology laboratory but maintaining research links with MCMB. The Centre is located, as its part, at the Institute of Biochemistry, Faculty of Medicine, University of Ljubljana, at Vrazov trg 2 in Ljubljana (see the map below).
The core research group of the Centre is one of the research groups of the Institute of Biochemistry of the Faculty of Medicine UL, named "Medical Centre for Molecular Biology" (0381-030: Medicinski center za molekularno biologijo) which, together with the group "Biosynthesis and Biotransformation" (0104-011: Laboratorij za biosintezo in biotransformacijo) from the National Institute of Chemistry, constitutes joint research program group "Functional genomics and Biotechnology for Health" (P1-0104: Funkcijska genomika in biotehnologija za zdravje). In this context and as principal initiator, the Centre is also closely associated with the "Centre for Functional Genomics and Bio-Chips" (CFGBC: Center za funkcijsko genomiko in bio-čipe) operating at the national scale. In addition, MCMB was also coordinating CoE Biotechnology with Pharmacy, virtual centre of excellence joining together 20 partners - laboratories from academic institutions, research institutes, clinical institutions, S&M enterprises, and Slovenian pharmaceutical industry. (Biotehnologija s farmacijo - Center odličnosti)

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